27 November 2020, Al-Monitor recently reported on the case of several Egyptian Christians being accused of insulting Islam, the police also detained a Muslim man for mocking the hosts of the Cairo-based “Holy Quran Radio Station,” and a Muslim woman for a facebook post.

On Nov. 11, the Supreme State Security Prosecution investigated two Christians — Ayman Rida Hanna and Mounir Masaad Hanna — and referred them to criminal court on the grounds of mocking Islam and insulting religion.

In another incident, a Christian teacher and a Muslim girl were arrested Nov. 11 in the coastal Ismailia governorate over comments on Facebook posts that security forces described as “insult and contempt of religion.” …

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PRESS RELEASE 27 November 2020

Australia as part of the International Religious Freedom or Belief Alliance will be prioritising the repeal of the death penalty for #apostasy and #blasphemy laws at the UN.

The Minister for Foreign Affairs and Minister for Women Marise Payne stated to the Ministerial Forum of the International Religious Freedom or Belief Alliance last week:

You can read Minister Payne’s full statement here.

The Netherlands has also joined Australia in their efforts, as shared by the Religious Freedom and Belief Ambassador Jos Douma on twitter this week.

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10 November 2020 Set My People Free made an intervention during the virtual SHDM on the Role of Digital Technologies and Civil Society Actors in Advancing FoRB for All — Challenges and Benefits.

Set My People Free urged OSCE countries to take threats and warnings ex-Muslims receive from Islamists seriously and ensure greater resources be placed in the police force and other institutions to effectively protect those who face threats for expressing Article 18 and 19 protected rights (Universal Declaration of Human Rights).

“Violence should not be a means to silence.”

The statement included reference to the discriminatory nature of the Artificial Intelligence and flagging of posts on social media, while legitimate religious discussion is taken down, youtube clips like one of a know Islamic apologist remains on youtube which threatens ex-Muslims to death. …

STOCKHOLM 20 October, Two Swedish members of parliament submitted motions addressing religious freedom particularly raising that over 10 countries still have the death penalty for apostasy, leaving the state religion.

Magnus Jacobsson with the Christian Democrats urged Sweden to ensure individuals’ rights to religious freedom are respected, mentioning that in large parts of the Middle East and North Africa blasphemy laws* are applied where there is the death penalty for anyone who converts or adopts no religion at all. He urged for the end to blasphemy laws and the death penalty for converts and other religious persecution.

The MP also called on Sweden to within European Union and the United Nations, document abuse towards religious minorities and also take measures to condemn such actions, review trade agreements and utilise strategic boycotts, amongst others, to show that it is not okay for individual countries to refuse to uphold the international human rights law they committed to when they became members of the UN. …

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The International Community must take immediate steps to ensure states repeal laws which mandate the death penalty for #apostasy or #blasphemy

Over 10 countries still have the death penalty for apostasy or blasphemy.

Sixteen organisations, from different faiths and none, have submitted a letter to all UN member states urging them to take immediate steps to address this and to protect fundamental freedoms, including religious freedom, freedom of expression, and the right to adopt, leave or change their religion or belief.

In the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Brunei Darussalam, Islamic Republic of Iran, Malaysia, the Republic of Maldives, the Islamic Republic of Mauritania, several states in the Federal Republic of Nigeria, the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, the State of Qatar, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Federal Republic of Somalia, United Arab Emirates, and the Republic of Yemen the courts can sentence an individual to death if they leave the state religion or express a dissenting opinion about the religion. …


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